Streamlining the single window system

The Pacific Alliance is making headway on streamlining and facilitating trade between its member countries through the interoperability of the single window for foreign trade (VUCE) system.

Mexico’s Ministry of the Economy made public (link in Spanish) a Free Trade Committee decision which included four initiatives related to the electronic exchange of information on foreign trade:

The four initiatives that the four countries decided to adopt to strengthen integration are:

  1. Recognizing the validity of electronically signed documents that may be exchanged between each country’s different VUCEs through an interoperability platform.
  1. Recognizing the validity of electronic signatures on documents that are transmitted between VUCEs through the interoperability platform.
  1. Guaranteeing that the electronic signatures used on electronic documents that are transmitted through the VUCE interoperability platform reflect the identity of the signatory and that the documents are authentic and complete.
  1. Guaranteeing the confidentiality of information transmitted through the VUCE interoperability platform, as established in the legislation.