Febrero, 2016

Informe de la Cartera de Proyectos del COSIPLAN 2015

By Federico Mazzella Febrero, 2016
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New COSIPLAN-IIRSA publications available on the web.

Cartera-de-Proyectos-COSIPLAN-2015The Fifth Report of the COSIPLAN Project Portfolio offers a general overview of the portfolio and reviews the results of the work carried out by countries in the field of territorial planning. The report divides the portfolio into three sections: total, active, and completed portfolio projects; additionally, it presents the projects from each of the nine Integration and Development Hubs.

The COSIPLAN Project Portfolio includes 593 integration projects, which represent a total estimated investment of US$ 182.44 billion, distributed throughout South America, and organized into 48 Project Groups and nine Integration and Development Hubs. (Click Here)

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