This article is a summary of the developments in the field of trade policy (progress on regional negotiations and trade agreements) for the period between September 22 and October, 2015.

This Month’s Trends

Between the end of September and October, 2015, the regional trade policy scenario was characterized mainly by the progress made on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP has functioned as a source of traction that is impacting the map of agreements in the region. There have been advances on existing agreements, notably the regional agreements between Chile, Colombia, and Mexico with partners both within and outside the region, and with major integration blocks like the MERCOSUR, SELA, UNASUR, and CAN. Progress was also made on new and advanced negotiations.


360º Panorama

Over the course of the month, there was headway on 28 existing agreements and seven trade negotiations (one new, five advanced, and one concluded).


Advanced Negotiations


New Negotiations


Selected news on trade agreements currently in force


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