Fact sheets provide a detailed map of integration and regional trade through interactive displays and brief conceptual explanations of the different topics.


Social indicators have improved in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last decade. Among other indicators, both income distribution and poverty show a positive evolution. This screen displays a review of the factors behind improvements in social equality in the region.


Between Us

How difficult is it to achieve a high level of regional integration in trade in goods? This display uses the game of Tetris as a metaphor to show that if you play well, you will reach a high score in intraregional trade and rank high among the regional blocs listed in the table to the right of the screen. On the contrary, if you fail to fit your pieces together and clear the lines, your level of intraregional trade will be low and you will be in one of the lowest positions in the ranking, behind leading regional blocs.



Find out who the region’s major trade partners are. Move around the display to find out who Latin America’s main trade partners are. After selecting a LAC country on the left of the screen, you can see its total trade figures (exports plus imports) with its main intra- and extra-regional partners on the right.


Replaced by Robots?

Jobs that are most at risk of being made obsolete by the automation of tasks. What does the future have in store for your particular line of work? What is the probability of automation for different types of employment and levels of education?