South American countries have been carrying out major efforts at shared border spaces, recognizing that cross-border integration is an effective instrument for promoting development and overcoming structural asymmetries and problems of social cohesion .


Cross-border integration is a process that aims to promote the development of border territories. Argentina and Chile[1] presented the Draft Guidelines for a Work Plan on Planning Cross-Border Territorial Integration within COSIPLAN,[2] in the framework of the Meeting of the Executive Technical Group (GTE) on Cross-Border Integration and Facilitation, which took place in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 12, 2015.

The overall objective is to include cross-border integration in COSIPLAN’s Indicative Territorial Planning process by identifying and promoting plans, programs, and projects that contribute to the integration and sustainable development of common border areas and help facilitate the flows of goods and people between UNASUR countries.

In addition, four specific goals were put forward, with a preliminary description of the activities and outcomes that it would be desirable to achieve as a result. These actions will be included in the COSIPLAN 2016 Work Plan.



The countries are currently reviewing the proposed guidelines. The outcomes of this study will be submitted for consideration and approval at the 6th Ordinary Meeting of COSIPLAN Ministers (Montevideo, December 3, 2015).


COSIPLAN Projects at Border Crossings

As of October 2015, 47 of the 593 infrastructure projects in the COSIPLAN Project Portfolio involve interventions at border crossings (8% of the total projects, for an estimated investment of US$917 million). Of these 47 projects, 14 belong to the Priority Project Agenda (API), representing an amount estimated at US$584 million.


Figure 1. Border Crossing Projects within the COSIPLAN Project Portfolio by Lifecycle

Source: COSIPLAN Project Information System

Source: COSIPLAN Project Information System



[1] Argentina and Chile were appointed as coordinators of the Executive Technical Group on Cross-Border Integration and Facilitation at the 4th Ordinary Meeting of COSIPLAN Ministers.

[2] The South American Infrastructure and Planning Council (COSIPLAN) is a work area for political and strategic dialog, through consultation, evaluation, cooperation, planning and coordination of efforts, and the articulation of programs and projects to implement the integration of regional infrastructure in member countries of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).