Through the approval of technical standards, Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism is seeking to increase product quality to compete in the international market.

Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) has announced the approval of three technical standards (link in Spanish) that will benefit the country’s handicraft sector to increase the quality and competitiveness of its products in the domestic and foreign markets.

The new regulations concern the production organization and process control procedures set out in the Manufacturing and Management Best Practices.

Magali Silva, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, explained that the standards focus on three types of crafts: handmade ceramic tableware or kitchenware, decorative ceramics, fabrics woven on pedal or backstrap looms, and handmade jewelry or silver articles. She added that “the next step is promoting the implementation of the standards in the different parts of the country. Up to now, seven Peruvian technical standards have been implemented in more than 500 craft workshops in eight regions of the country.” Peru has a notable handicraft sector that could boost its international integration.