Interviews with government officials, academics, and leading world experts on the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and agricultural negotiations for Latin America.


Marisa Bircher, Secretary for Agroindustrial Markets at Argentina’s Ministry of Agroindustry, analyzes the current situation for the primary sector in Latin America and the Caribbean and its medium-term prospects. (video in Spanish)


Gustavo Idígoras, Director of the Center for Agrifoods Studies at the University of Lomas de Zamora, analyzes the state of affairs for the agricultural sector in the region and its development perspectives, as well as the potential outcomes of a MERCOSUR-EU agreement. (video in Spanish)


Ulla Kask, Counsellor at the Agriculture Division at the WTO Secretariat, underlines the advantages of multilateral negotiations in comparison with other types of agreement. (video in Spanish)


Maximiliano Moreno, from the National Directorate of International Agrifood Relations at Argentina’s Ministry of Agroindustry, discusses the outlook on agricultural trade following the Nairobi agreement. (video in Spanish)