INTAL’s annual flagship event, Regional Integration 4.0, will take place on October 5, 2016, and will include a panel on big data and integration.

Big Data,the Internet of Things, and predictive analysis have become an essential part of company logistics by reducing transportation and security costs, identifying expected demand with greater precision, and improving the timeframes for new product launches. These methods have implications for almost every sector, from industrial products to entertainment. Real-time optimization and more exact predictions are making value chains more resilient.

Big data is also making a key contribution to meeting sustainable development goals: analyzing vast quantities of information in real time is of vital importance for multilateral organizations and governments, as has become particularly evident during environmental catastrophes or the spread of contagious diseases.

Looking towards 2030, Latin America is one of the regions with the greatest potential for growth in the digital economy. The use of big data tools is key to improving firms’ competitiveness and reducing their operating costs. It is also essential for the public sector in areas such as physical infrastructure.
At INTAL’s flagship event, Regional Integration 4.0 (link in Spanish), we will be asking how modern data analysis techniques can help policymakers and entrepreneurs plan their global integration strategies in a smarter, more sophisticated way, through public–public and public–private partnerships.

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Developing greater analytical intelligence on the basis of sophisticated data analysis could bring about a revolution in the trade in goods and services through precision integration. There is a correlation between these new technologies and the transformation of production patterns, which INTAL and Argentina’s Ministry of Production and the Inter-American Dialogue analyzed in detail at the INTAL Winter Colloquium, Glocal Future (link in Spanish).

At the October event, the panel on big data will be led by Colin Maclay, director of the Digital Initiative at Harvard Business School and of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at Southern University, California, one of the most renowned experts on new technologies at the global level. Also taking part is Facundo Alvaredo, who codirects the World Wealth and Income Database, the largest income database in the world, together with the economist Thomas Piketty. Other participants include Marcos Galperín, founder and CEO of MercadoLibre, an online marketplace that operates in over 19 Latin American countries, and Walter Sosa Escudero, director of the economics degree at the University of San Andrés and an expert on applied econometrics and author of the book Qué es y qué no es la estadística [What statistics are and what they are not].
For more information on the event, to sign up to attend, or to download the complete agenda, visit the following site: (link in Spanish)