Overview of regional trade negotiations and agreements. The IJI is an analytical compilation of regulatory texts, commentaries, and follow-up on legal commitments and developments concerning the various integration processes taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean. For news and to learn more about recent progress on trade agreements and negotiations, visit IJI.

This months trends


In October and November 2016, the regional trade policy agenda was overshadowed by expectations around the US presidential elections and the ensuing potential return to protectionist policies. At the regional level, there was greater dynamism within existing agreements and both intra- and extraregional trade agreements. The most noteworthy examples of this include Peru, which began negotiation processes with extraregional partners; Chile, which has continued to expand its trade agreements; Ecuador, which is negotiating alternative tariff schemes with the EU with only a few months to go before the preferences it currently enjoys expire; and Uruguay, which is continuing to broaden the horizons of its negotiations. The Pacific Alliance is still spearheading the region’s integration schemes.


360º Panorama


Over the course of the month, progress was made on 26 existing agreements and 11 trade negotiations.



New Negotiations





Advanced Negotiations









Selected news on trade agreements currently in force





















Venezuela–El Salvador A 25 TM 27: Venezuela and El Salvador commit to enhancing economic cooperation (link in Spanish)