The member countries of the Andean Community will gradually update their immigration systems. Peru has already successfully done so.

At the 17th Meeting of the Andean Committee of Immigration Authorities (CAAM), the members of the Andean Community (link in Spanish) (CAN) voted in favor of the use of the electronic Andean Migration Card (link in Spanish) (TAM).

The members of the committee, which Colombia is pro-tempore president of, had already expressed their interest in moving toward implementing the electronic TAM in October 2016 (link in Spanish) after the matter was tabled by Peru.

The TAM was adopted in 1996 under Agreement 397 (link in Spanish). The use of the electronic TAM is an innovative solution that will facilitate, simplify, and improve the efficiency of checks and controls of people traveling within Andean Community (link in Spanish) countries. Likewise, it will cut down on waiting times at airports and other immigration checkpoints. These benefits will increase the competitiveness of the region’s airports and encourage driving holidays within the subregion.