More than 90 government officials took part in COSIPLAN’s online course and said how valuable it was for them to have access to a regional program that allows them to expand their knowledge and exchange ideas and experiences.

Few issues are as important to Latin America’s competitiveness as optimizing freight transportation and logistics. As a consequence, COSIPLAN/IIRSA and the IDB have organized an online course to train officials from different public-sector entities in UNASUR countries that are involved in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of public policies, plans, programs, and projects for the freight logistics sector.


“The main advantages of the IDB’s training platform are that it brings together tutored online courses with communities of practice made up of public-sector professionals who wish to continue learning about issues that interest them, but from one another.” Joaquim Tres, Integration and Trade Specialist


Between 2015 and 2016, the course was run three times and was completed by 97 government officials from 14 countries in Latin America. The 2017 COSIPLAN Work Plan includes a fourth session of the course and the implementation of a Regional Government Freight Transportation and Logistics Network.