The two countries are continuing to make progress toward reaching a broad, innovative trade agreement. Authorities expect that the final draft of the text will be completed during the next round of negotiations.

Representatives from Argentina and Chile met in Buenos Aires for the third round of negotiations (link in Spanish) toward a trade liberalization agreement, with a view to concluding this within three months. Authorities have described it as being a “next-generation” agreement because it contemplates modern aspects of business (such as regulations on e-commerce) and because it includes a chapter on gender.

The first round (link in Spanish) also took place in Buenos Aires, in March 2017, while the second (link in Spanish) was held in Santiago de Chile in May. It is hoped that the next meeting will take place in Chile in August, with the clear aim of concluding all the chapters of the agreement.

The two parties restated their conviction that opening up trade between them would benefit economic and trade relations between the two countries, which consider themselves to be strategic partners united by shared interests.

It is worth remembering that these negotiations are part of the commitments taken on by presidents Mauricio Macri and Michelle Bachelet (link in Spanish) during the 8th Binational Ministers’ Meeting, which took place in Buenos Aires on December 14 and 15, 2016.