The US Congress has passed a new incentive for the Alliance for Prosperity plan for Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, consisting of an additional US$750 million for 2017

The announcement of US support for the alliance in the region was made by the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, who held a series of meetings with Democratic and Republican congresspeople in Washington, DC. The aim of the plan is to encourage (link in Spanish) the fight against poverty and violence.

“US Congress has approved US$750 million for 2017,” Hernández said. These funds are to be divided between the three nations that make up the Northern Triangle and will start to be disbursed in October 2016.


The strategic lines of action for the plan are: i) invigorating the productive sector to create economic opportunities; ii) developing opportunities for human capital; iii) improving citizen security and access to justice; and iv) strengthening institutions to boost the population’s confidence in the state.