A new publication has been released as part of INTAL’s work as the Technical Secretariat for COSIPLAN/IIRSA with a focus on the results achieved by COSIPLAN’s work areas in 2016.

destacadas_1_2The publication (link in Spanish) provides a general overview of the progress made on infrastructure projects and other initiatives of note; exclusive articles on the issues that gave rise to the best results and particularly reflect the benefits of this integration process; the technological tools that were developed and used to support the management of COSIPLAN projects and activities; unpublished interviews and statements from high-profile officials from the region; and information on COSIPLAN’s institutional and operational framework.





Recommended Reading

To find out more about COSIPLAN, we recommend the sections titled “The Council” and “Institutional Framework.” For a general overview of last year’s results, we suggest the “2016 in Review” section. The section titled “Integration In Progress” presents progress in the main action areas in 2016: COSIPLAN Projects; Territorial Integration Programs; Disaster Risk Management; Freight Transportation and Logistics; Trade Integration through Postal Services; the Geographic Information Systems; and Information and Communication Technologies.