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The 5G era: Age of boundless connectivity and intelligent automation


Resumen: The mobile industry is developing and preparing to deploy 5G. Thanks to technology advances in many different fields, 5G networks will be at the centre of an ecosystem that powers society’s continued digital transformation. Over the past 30 years, the mobile industry has demonstrated its ability to transform society through 2G, 3G and 4G. 5G will build on these successes to deliver the networks and platforms to support existing and new services, with new business models and use cases that are unknown today. The GSMA expects commercial 5G networks to be widely deployed in the post-2020 period: the 5G era. All stakeholders are working to define what 5G should be … 5G networks will integrate with 4G and alternative network technologies to provide pervasive connectivity in the 5G era. This will happen as advances in computation, artificial intelligence and device capabilities come to maturity.



E-Invoicing / E-Billing: Significant market transition lies ahead

Resumen: The private industry was the main driver for the market development in phase one, but is increasingly supported by the public sector. The VAT gap becomes more and more the main accelerator for the digitalisation. Tax payers are increasingly required to use real-time clearance models. The model might gradually conquer the world, and it is expected to be the dominant control method globally from 2025. It will eventually cover all kinds of fiscal documents, such as invoices, payment receipts, credit/debit notes, monthly salary statements etc. A rapidly growing number of disruptive next-generation invoice processing technologies lay a strong foundation as strategic drivers. They pave the way to substitute old solutions and processes by a completely new approach. A powerful market transition is taking place in our industry. The invoice processing with its’ high proportion of repetitive and rule based work is a key topic to be affected by the market transition ahead of us. This phase can mean an opportunity or a threat … This report is aimed at supporting invoice issuers and recipients in replacing expensive, paper-based invoicing with modern, automated processes.