Officials from Argentina and Chile held a series of meetings to strengthen relations and regional integration processes.

Immigration remains on the agenda in the region. Technical teams from Argentina’s Ministry of Security and Chile’s Ministry of the Interior and Public Security took part in a meeting (link in Spanish) on the issue in January 2017.

Over the course of the first day those present agreed on the paragraphs (link in Spanish) that would be included in the Statement for the Binational Meeting, which was debated and signed during the second day, which the two countries’ presidents and national ministers took part in.

Presidents Mauricio Macri and Michelle Bachelet agreed to move toward deepening the strategic bilateral relations between the two countries through a series of initiatives in different areas, including more such meetings.

This example of cooperation between the two countries signals that it would be possible to establish a range of priority issues for the region to tackle, such as the fight against drug trafficking, border security, human trafficking, the search for missing persons, cooperation during emergencies and natural disasters, and safety and security at sporting events.